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Items List for Bringing Puppy Home

24 Inch SINGLE DOOR Wire Crate

Yes, your new puppy really needs a crate.  

They have been raised and trained to sleep in a crate at night which is the safest place for them.  

I like a single door crate.  Less chance for escape! :) 

I price check Amazon v Chewy for best price.

An IRIS pen

This is a 4 sided plastic panel pen that is great to use as a safe place for your puppy anytime you can't be watching them.

Crate Pads

Buy 2 or 3 so you can rotate and wash.


Size XXS.  

Easiest to find on Amazon.


A standard 5-7 foot leash works great.

Stay away from retractables.

Food and Water Bowls

Stainless are preferred.  

Footed is best so they can't knock them over.


Nylabones, Antlers, Himalayan Yak "bones"

You can find items on this list at Amazon, Chewy, 

or in many cases, your local pet store. 


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